Anand Mahindra impressed by ‘Desi Jugad’ of liquor seller, shares his video

Anand Mahindra, chairman of Mahindra group who is known for the knack of his entrepreneurship skills is active on the social media platform more often than not. He always chips in with interesting, inspiring and entertaining posts. Time and again, he has won millions of hearts with his gesture.

The coolest business tycoon in India is an inspiration to millions of youngsters and at the same time, he is loved for his sense of humour and wittiness. He has a huge fan-following on social media, especially on Twitter.

A recent post by Anand Mahindra has won the internet. The industrialist took to Twitter to share a video of a liquor delivery shop in Bihar using an innovative way to avoid physical contact with customers.

The Mahindra group chairman shared the clip with the caption, “Clever, but crude, so it points to an opportunity for aesthetic ‘contactless’ storefront design. The future is Bluetooth-enabled shelf-browsing+chute-enabled cash exchange and delivery to your waiting hands/car (sic).”

The video went viral on social media like wildfire and has garnered 2 lakh views and 7.9k likes so far. In the video, the shopkeeper is seen selling liquor bottles in an innovative way. He has invented a new idea to sell plastic bottles to his customers amid the coronavirus outbreak. His innovative technique is widely being appreciated a lot by netizens.

The video, which is doing the rounds on social media, shows that the shopkeeper has set up a plastic pipe near the counter of his shop to transfer plastic bottles to his customers. In a way, he has started a pipeline delivery. In the video, the shopkeeper can be seen inserting liquor bottles tied with a string in the pipe which are received by the customer from the other end of the pipe.

This innovative way will surely motivate others to adopt this technique. Netizens were amused with this jugaad. One user commented, “It’s truly innovative. These JUGADS are not seen any part of the world. Proud to be an Indian sir” Another wrote, “India has talent – if situation arises public will start about survival and sure will inovative ideas to live!!!!”

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With 9 hour Job, Kajal Jwala secures 28th rank in UPSC without any Coaching class, let’s praise her

The Civil Services Examination (CSE) is considered one of the toughest exams in India conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. Everyone dreams to clear the Civil Services Exam, but very few are fortunate to crack the exam. Today, we are talking about such a woman named Kajal Jwala who cracked the exam in her fifth attempt, while many people hesitate to appear for the second attempt if they fail the civil services exam.

The girl who secured 28th rank in the UPSC Civil Services exam in the year 2018 failed four times before touching the pinnacle of success. This is an inspiring story for all those who have failed in an examination and after reading this, it will certainly give you the much-needed boost to perform well even after failures.

Kajal’s story teaches us grit, determination and to not give up no matter how hard the situation is. Well, it took her 5 attempts to finally crack the UPSC Civil Services examination.

Kajal’s journey started 9 years ago and since then she has been preparing for UPSC Civil Services exam. She is said to be a very simple girl who always had an innate sense of serving the Indian nation.

Kajal is a resident of Shamli, a small nondescript location in Haryana. Like all girls of her age, she completed her engineering graduation. She completed B.Tech in electronic communication from an engineering college in Mathura, UP. After her graduation, she started her career with a multinational company, Wipro where she was earning a reasonable sum of Rs 23 lakhs annually at Wipro.

In the meanwhile, her marriage was fixed with Ashish Malik who was employed with the American Embassy in Delhi. Finally, she got married, as do all girls of her age. Marriage was never a problem for her as her husband was very supportive. Now, there was nothing that could stop Kajal from touching the pinnacle of success.

Kajal said in an interview, “the shortage of time for me was the biggest challenge. The reason for my initial failure was a lack of time.” But Kajal never resorted to coaching and despite lack of time, she managed to secure 28th rank with selfie study.

As far as her preparation is concerned, Kajal says, “The UPSC’s syllabus is huge and reading newspaper is an integral part of preparation.” Every stage needs different strategies and this is what  Kajal did.

Only a successful person knows how many obstacles lying in her way to success, she had to clear to accomplish her ultimate mission. Many would argue that success is an everlasting journey, however, every one of us would agree that turning the biggest dream into a reality is no less than success since it brings a smile on face and happiness in life.

She has now become a source of inspiration for many youths who dream to be IAS or IPS. She has achieved what others dream of. Many people read her inspirational story and get motivated. Let’s praise her for a big achievement.Kajal Jwala secured 28th rank in UPSC without coaching class

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