About Us

As the name suggests, General Facts is an online platform where you can expose yourself to many incredible facts. We believe reality is more important than just opinion. The fact is universal, unchangeable, and fixed. Whether one likes it or not, but it never changes.

On our website, we present unique & thrilling global facts. We don’t manipulate and customize the incidents and existence of anything. We present the facts in just “as it is” manner. Right here on this site, you can learn about a broad range of past & present events. Also, you will come across many astonishing & bizarre truths that can send shivers down to your spine.

For us, General Facts is more than just a blog. It is an approach to make a better tomorrow while learning from the past and present. We precisely write on a wide range of categories that contain People & Culture, Religion & Faith, War & History, Science & Technology, Inspiration, Movies & Entertainment, Business & Money, Places & Travel, News, and so on.