Rafale Fighter Jet: What are these White Papers Used for? Here is a Quick Answer

Eventually, long-awaited golden moments arrived when 5 Rafale- masterpieces of advanced technology and cutting-edge engineering landed at Ambala Airbase on 29th July, 20. The boisterous thunder sound of Rafale was enough to realize their unmatched power level and almighty fighting strength.  If you are the one who witnessed those unforgettable moments through the news channel, you might have come across a white rectangular sheet attached to the knees of all the pilots. As being smart viewers, you might have randomly asked yourself- What are these plates for? If yes, then here is the answer to your question.

What are the white rectangular-shaped sheets attached to the Rafale pilots?

Those white sheets which were attached to the pilots’ knees are indispensable parts of an Indian Air force’s dress. In fact, not only the Indian Air force but also Air forces all other countries (pilots) use them in their own dress. This is called a kneeboard. As the name suggests, it is fixed over the knees. Actually, these lightweight & compatible kneeboards are of great use. As you know that the cockpit of a fighter plane lacks space. In fact, even a pilot, take two minutes to get adjusted inside the cockpit. And when it comes to tickmark the checklists, these kneeboards offer remarkable assistance as they provide the stable & even surface to make writing simple for pilots.

Moreover, these kneeboards come as a great help to carry various kinds of maps. The fact of the matter is that these simple-looking whiteboards are an essential part of the training. Pilots are trained to use these kneeboards with the aim of teaching them paperwork while flying the fighter jet.


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